Building with the communities

In addition to its primary mission, since its founding, the company has been very committed to the development of local resources and has always acted with the utmost respect for the communities. These values have led it to create innovative partnerships: sister companies, all majority owned by local stakeholders. The impact that these sister companies have on their communities is undeniable. Managers are committed to maximizing local economic spin-offs by using local labour, technology, and suppliers.

The LFL Group

A tight-knit family

  1. 1165-3813-06

    Laval Fortin ltée has more than 60 years of experience in the construction industry, including more than 35 years in projects in remote and isolated areas while pursuing major projects in the southern part of the country.

  2. Almiq Contracting Ltd. is the eldest sister company. Its name comes from the names of the cities of Iqaluit, in Nunavut, and Alma, home communities of partners Mr. Johnny and Ms. Leesa Mikijuk. The company has a long history with architectural, mining, and industrial projects ranging in size from 30 to $60M.
  3. 8329-9636-54

    Laval Fortin Adams was founded in 2005 as a natural association between Laval Fortin ltée, which has been operating in Nunavik since 1982, and Mr. Johnny N. Adams. The company has a solid reputation and continues to push the boundaries in terms of quality and client satisfaction.

  4. 8349-4187-03

    Founded in 2007, this partnership brings together Dr. Ted Moses O.Q. and Laval Fortin Adams. Apitsiu Construction ltée represents an innovative association between the Cree, Inuit, and non-Indigenous in Quebec. The company serves the greater Eeyou Istchee area and its major energy and mining projects.

  5. Big Land Construction Ltd. is the result of a growing friendship between Laval Fortin Adams and partners of Newfoundland & Labrador. The company’s main goal is for their partners and communities to develop and flourish by grouping the various resources, expertise, and strengths of each.
  6. Created at the end of 2014 from an alliance between Almiq Contracting Ltd. and Mr. Moses Oyukuluk, Arctic Bay Contracting Ltd. serves the community of Arctic Bay. His first project, but certainly not the least, was the construction of a $20 million health centre.