Built to last

LFL Group represents more than 60 years of success in diversified construction projects that have allowed the company to gradually develop efficient organization and outstanding expertise.

The Foundation


In 1957, Mr. Laval Fortin started in the residential and commercial construction business. After building a strong team and a reputation as a trustworthy company, Laval Fortin ltée undertook more extensive work in the industrial (aluminum, pulp and paper) and institutional sectors.


Growth and Orientation


At the end of the ’70s, major hydroelectric projects enabled our team to demonstrate its expertise in the James Bay region and in the construction of high-voltage substations. Thanks to this accumulated expertise, several industrial, institutional, and civil projects were carried out throughout Quebec and the Canadian Far North.

First Nordic Project


The first Nordic project was carried out in 1982. Throughout the years, skills related to the management, implementation, and logistics of this type of project were fine-tuned and the company developed a solid reputation in these remote areas. It is considered a great stakeholder in these areas.

Partnerships and the Beginning of the Sister Companies Era


The quality of the company’s work and its reputation as a reliable company has led to the creation of partnerships and the founding of sister companies: Almiq Contracting Ltd. in 2004, Laval Fortin Adams in 2005, Apitsiu Construction ltée in 2007, Big Land Construction Ltd. in 2009, Arctic Bay Contracting Ltd. in 2014, and LFL Fast-Track Canada Ltd. in 2017.

The LFL Group


In 2010, the friendly name of LFL Group stood out for itself and became a guarantee of quality and success.

The expertise of the sister companies ranges from the civil, industrial, mining, institutional, and commercial sectors as well as the environmental and residential fields.

We focus on, but are not limited to, all types of construction projects, concrete and road construction, camps, renovations, and building maintenance, and of course, major mining and hydroelectric infrastructure projects.