Innovative, versatile
and forward-looking

A driving force throughout 60 years of success, the team spirit of LFL Group continues to carry a long tradition of ingenuity, commitment, listening, and a professional approach. Innovative, skillful, and forward-looking, the LFL Group team takes great care to optimize its skills and the needs of its clients.

The variety, experience, and complementarity of its employees create the foolproof dynamic that makes LFL Group the renowned leading-edge company that it is today.

  1. Charles Deslauriers, ing.
    Directeur général
  2. Lynda Noël
    Directrice générale adjointe
  3. Valérie Gilbert
    Directrice des finances CPA-CMA
  4. Sébastien Sheehy
    Directeur estimation construction
  5. Marc Tremblay
    Directeur opérations construction
  6. Denis Larouche
    Surintendant général
  7. Sophie Gagnon
    Directrice des ressources humaines
  8. Jean Deslauriers
    Directeur approvisionnement et logistique